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May I introduce …

… this is my new velomobile: A DF (serial number #193) from InterCity Bike in Dronten (NL) … here are first pictures of the “first contact” with the bonnet open. These first pictures were taken in the ICB workshop before the fitting and the test ride.

Facts and figures:

The DF is, like most velomobiles, a three-wheeled and extremely sporty model; this is immediately evident in the key data:
– Length: 2.59m
– track width: approx. 65cm
– Height: 88cm
– Weight: approx. 24kg

Drive: 100% muscle power

If you are looking for information about an additional drive or something similar, I have to disappoint you! The DF is powered exclusively by human muscle power … HPV, that is. It has a Rotor crank with two chainrings: 56 and 39 teeth! I will certainly gradually adjust and optimise the gear ratio depending on the route profile (gradients, city traffic etc.) and training condition. The length of the crank arms is 155mm. After the first tours, I replaced the original pedals with my old-fashioned but still silky-smooth XTR pedals … the search for the “right” pedal side after getting on is just annoying!

In the back …

… is a SRAM rear derailleur with an 11-speed cassette; the smallest sprocket has 11 teeth and the largest 36.

Wheels & Tyres:

At the front the DF is on 20 inch wheels with 90mm drum brakes; at the rear I have decided on a 28 inch wheel … 26 and 27.5 are also possible in principle. I hope that the bigger wheel will run better and smoother. It also offers the advantage of a wider choice of tyres.


A B&M Cyo 80 is installed as the front headlight; above it on the right and left are the front turn signals. I use a Lupine SL as an auxiliary headlight. At the rear there are also turn signals, a rear light, brake light and a rear fog light.

Interior / cockpit:

On the left side of the interior, the Cateye speedometer, 3 light switches (front and rear light, rear fog light and interior light) and a Lupine battery for the power supply (lights, indicators, horn) are standard. The bottle holder is in front of the right wheel housing and I have mounted a universal smartphone holder above it.


Unfortunately, the smartphone holder proved to be too wide and was a nuisance when pedalling. And the GPS device got in the way when I was trying to find the Tiller.

That’s why I rearranged my cockpit … the Garmin GPS now sits in front of the right wheel housing, and the smartphone is now directly in view thanks to an old jogging bag and Velcro. I use the bottle cage as a mount for the Bluetooth speaker (currently a JBL Flip 4) and the hydration pack (Camelback 1.5l) is behind me on the right. For navigation, I use Komoot on my smartphone; I receive the navigation announcements via the Bluetooth speaker.

A place in the dry:

For storage in the garage, I gave the DF an “indoor garage” made of breathable material for protection. This is actually an overcoat for motorbikes … fits!

On the road:

And here are a few more pictures of the DF in the wild! You can find more material at the info about my tours and favourite places (still under construction).

Sticker for my velomobile

On my tours, people always ask me about my velomobile and whether there is a motor in it. This gave me the idea to simply put up two stickers. The first one should bear the URL of my blog (anyone who wants to can find out more there), the second sticker with the words “100% muscle power”. Based on my previous and above all positive experiences, I ordered the individual stickers again from Fahrradaufkleber.Shop. The result is something to be proud of!