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On 28 May the Oliebollentocht (OBT) took place in Reuver, the Netherlands; organised by It was my first OBT ever and I am still impressed; to see so many velomobiles in one place and in action is quite fascinating!

I have been riding a velomobile for 4 years. During this time I have only met 3 other velomobiles or velomobile drivers in the wild. From the beginning I really wanted to go to the OBT. But something always got in the way; most recently it was the pandemic. The last OBT, originally planned for the end of December 2021, had to be postponed and finally took place on 28 May in Reuver, the Netherlands, in glorious weather.

About 150 velomobiles came and it was a fantastic spectacle: different velomobile models and all colour variations! What an event; but just have a look for yourself!