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The Podbike should be available from the beginning of 2019. According to its inventor Per Hassel Sørensen, there are already more than 1,000 pre-orders.

The Podbike aims to combine the advantages of driving a car and cycling, i.e. you already have to pedal sportily, but you get electric assistance as well as all-round weather protection and storage space for your shopping. If you want, you can also turn the four-wheeled Podbike into a convertible; of course with roll-over bar and impact protection. Even a small child can be taken along thanks to a special child seat.

The Norwegian start-up claims that the Podbike has a range of up to 300km. In Germany, the Podbike is registered as a pedelec with a power limit of 25km/h. The unladen weight is around 1.5kg. The unladen weight is around 60kg and its dimensions (length: 2.30m, height: 1.50m, width: 0.80m, turning circle: 3.50m) should provide enough space for people up to 1.98m tall.

Sørensen’s goal is to mass produce the Podbike as soon as possible in order to stop climate change and offer a real alternative to diesel and petrol-powered cars.

The start-up also offers a solution for the inner-city parking problem; for parking, the Podbike can be erected and thus takes up even less space. A suitable garage including a solar module is also being planned.

The standard model is expected to cost about 4,500 €, other special requests such as additional battery capacity, trailer coupling or sound system will cost extra.