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Cycling is my great passion! Whether MTB, road bike or velomobile … it has to roll! And preferably in the Ruhr, because this is where I live with my family.

So why go far afield when the Ruhr region has so much to offer? Since the structural change, there are countless industrial and cultural monuments here that you should see, and at the same time many new cycle paths have been created to get there … and there are more every day. and there are more every day. Today, more than 1,200 kilometres of cycle paths criss-cross the Ruhr region! For all those who have not yet discovered the Ruhr as a cycling region, I would like to give you an overview of the particularly attractive routes in the area.

#1: Railway lines

With structural change and the closure of many former industrial sites, many railway lines were also decommissioned. Where goods trains used to transport coal and steel, hundreds of kilometres of new cycle paths have been built. Today, cyclists and pedestrians can easily reach the industrial monuments and hot spots in the area, far away from road traffic and city noise.

Here is an overview of the most important and most beautiful railway lines in the Pott region:


#2: Route of Industrial Culture

Logo Route Industriekultur

It is a network of around 700 kilometres of signposted paths that connect the hot spots of industrial culture in the Ruhr region. Away from road traffic, you can explore the Ruhr region and its history on former railway lines (see above), but also along canals and rivers. The main routes are the Emscher Park Cycle Route and the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route.

I would like to make special mention of the so-called junctions! These enable or facilitate the cyclist’s orientation and navigation in a simple way!


#3: Ruhrtal Cycle path

Ruhrtalradweg Logo

Experience 240km of industrial culture and nature; from the source in the Sauerland to the mouth of the Rhine in Duisburg! That is the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route. With additional side trips (e.g. to the Möhnesee), the tour can easily be extended. I have cycled this route several times and am always fascinated. The number of places to stay is increasing from day to day as the popularity of the route continues to grow. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves how many days they want to spend on the route … but in any case, you have to have driven the route.


Homepage Ruhrtal-Radweg

Google Maps – Ruhrtal Radweg:

#4: Römer Lippe Route

Römer Lippe Route Logo

This cycle path stretches over 400km! From Detmold in the east, it goes along the river Lippe to the Roman town of Xanten in the west. A challenging tour that is still at the top of my to-do list.


Google Maps – Römer Lippe Route