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With the VX2, the Canadian company Velomtek has brought a new velomobile onto the market. Because of its high dead weight and comparatively poor aerodynamics, it is certainly not intended as a sports vehicle. With its emission-free drive, the small turning circle of less than 3m and a lockable boot, it is primarily intended to be a car substitute for the city, similar to the Podbike. It remains to be seen whether this model will ever find its way across the pond to us.

– Load cap.: 100 kg (driver & luggage)
– Driver size: 162 – 183 cm
– Tare weight: 45-50 kg
– Cargo volume: 100-120 L
– lockable luggage compartment
– Tires: ISO 406 (20”) front and rear with puncture protection
– Structure: Aluminum welded frame
– Fairing: Composite (glass fiber and resin)
– Brakes: Disc with hydraulic caliper on 3 wheels
– Seat: Aluminium and fabric, adjustable air seat cushion
– Propulsion: 1 – 3 wheels, 8 speeds shifter, AWD possible
– Motor assist: Gearmotor, nominal power 250 or 500W upon settings
– Crankset: 165 mm long
– Lights kit: DEL, front spot, brake and tail lights, flashers, horn, 2 USB ports
– Battery: Lithium 52V 14Ah, range 100-150 km (medium intensity pedaling)
– Turning radius: 2.8 m
– Suspension: Elastomere on front, pneumatic on rear (with the tires)