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This year we took our Bullitt Cargobike with us on vacation. Because Texel is ideal to explore by bike. And since it is our first vacation with dog, the Bullitt offers the ideal ride for him.

Transport on the car roof

Still open was the question of how best to transport a Bullitt during the journey. An extra trailer I found “oversized” and for the rear transport on the trailer hitch, the Bullitt is too long. So, without further ado, I dismantled the handlebars and front wheel and put it on the roof of the car, tied it down and that was it!

And you may hardly believe it, but for a cargo bike the Bullitt is really narrow; on the roof rack fits even the jet bag!

Texel is beautiful!

Enough words … here are some impressions from our tours with the Bullitt on Texel: