5 unique velomobiles!


Velomobiles in the wild are already rare ... but these 5 models are even more special. Interesting video! AEROVELO PODRIKE VIRTUE PEDALIST CABRIOVELO TRISLED TOMAHAWK (Quelle: lemmino.net)

5 unique velomobiles!2021-01-08T15:42:43+02:00

Velomobile Overview


Here is an interesting video with many, currently popular models in picture and sound. The classic Quest at 0:36 "My" DF from 2:02 Milan from 5:34 Quattrovelo from 6:05(Source: youtube.com/mindseyedesign) And here's another overview and some tips on buying a VM from Saukki.com: [...]

Velomobile Overview2021-01-08T15:44:07+02:00
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