Test: Electric battery air pump Xiaomi Mijia 1S (Latest version)


The first electric air pump from Xiaomi was already very successful and a bestseller, not least because of its unusual design and fabulous workmanship. I bought and tested the new version, which has been significantly improved once again. Electric battery-powered air pumps in general These little [...]

Test: Electric battery air pump Xiaomi Mijia 1S (Latest version)2021-08-17T10:33:38+02:00

Test Garmin Vector 3 – performance measurement on the velomobile


As an ambitious hobby cyclist, I ask myself from time to time how fit I actually am! How good is my form compared to last season? How good am I compared to other cyclists? After all, fitness or the state of training changes all the time ... Actually, the form should continuously [...]

Test Garmin Vector 3 – performance measurement on the velomobile2021-07-19T15:39:45+02:00

Insta360 ONE X – GoPro Hero go Home!


Until a few weeks ago, I was the proud owner of a GoPro Hero 8 Black. It really is a great action cam, absolutely well thought-out, high-quality, superbly finished, great features and great recordings. But unfortunately I had to return it because of the GPS problem (the cam could not receive GPS [...]

Insta360 ONE X – GoPro Hero go Home!2021-08-29T11:35:54+02:00

New velomobile: VX2 from Velomtek


Quelle: Velomtek.com With the VX2, the Canadian company Velomtek has brought a new velomobile onto the market. Because of its high dead weight and comparatively poor aerodynamics, it is certainly not intended as a sports vehicle. With its emission-free drive, the small turning circle of less than 3m and a [...]

New velomobile: VX2 from Velomtek2021-01-08T15:38:04+02:00

The Podbike: A mix of velomobile and car!


The Podbike should be available from the beginning of 2019. According to its inventor Per Hassel Sørensen, there are already more than 1,000 pre-orders. The Podbike aims to combine the advantages of driving a car and cycling, i.e. you already have to pedal sportily, but you get electric assistance as well as [...]

The Podbike: A mix of velomobile and car!2021-01-08T15:38:36+02:00

New 24-hour HPV world record!


"Nici" Nicola Walde has done it! After 24 hours, 227 laps and a total of 1,088 kilometres on the Opel test track Rodgau-Dudenhofen, she has set a new Human Powered Vehicles world record for women with her velomobile. Despite intermittent rain, she improved the old WR by 76 kilometres. The recumbent bike, which [...]

New 24-hour HPV world record!2021-01-08T15:39:40+02:00

New HPV world record: 144.17 km/h!


Battle Mountain, 17 September 2016: The Aerovelo team has set a new world record! 144km/h! The Canadian rider Tod Reichert has thus improved the previous world record of his team once again. Even though Tod is very well trained, the vehicle itself was decisive in the end. It weighs about 25kg, is [...]

New HPV world record: 144.17 km/h!2021-01-08T15:40:38+02:00
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