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Revier, Pott, Ruhrgebiet, Kohlenpott … es gibt viele Namen für die Region “tief im Westen” wo ich geboren wurde und mit meiner Familie lebe! Seit dem Strukturwandel gibt es hier unzählige Industrie- und Kulturdenkmäler, ungeahnte Freizeitangebote und viel Grün. Das muss man sehen!

Cycling in the Ruhr Area – An overview for beginners!


Cycling is my great passion! Whether MTB, road bike or velomobile ... it has to roll! And preferably in the Ruhr, because this is where I live with my family. So why go far afield when the Ruhr region has so much to offer? Since the structural change, there are countless industrial [...]

Cycling in the Ruhr Area – An overview for beginners!2021-01-08T15:33:43+02:00

Test Garmin Varia RTL511 – more than just a rear light?


199€ (RRP) is a lot of wood for a tail light! Is it worth the money? We will see! Why does one buy such a thing? Cycling is my great passion; not professionally ...  but whenever I have time besides family and job, it has to roll! Especially on weekends, I'm [...]

Test Garmin Varia RTL511 – more than just a rear light?2021-01-08T15:34:13+02:00

Merino wool for cyclists? A self-experiment!


If, like me, you ride your bike all year round and do cycling sports, you have certainly already dealt with the question of what you should ideally wear "underneath" ... especially in the cold season. Because if you dress warmly to protect yourself from wind and cold, then it quickly becomes too [...]

Merino wool for cyclists? A self-experiment!2021-01-07T18:55:33+02:00

Tetrahedron Bottrop – Hot Spot in the Ruhr Area!


Things to know 25 so-called anchor points form the core of the Route of Industrial Culture and bear witness to the industrial cultural diversity in the Ruhr region. At the same time, since the structural change, many slagheaps in the Ruhr area have been developed into so-called landmarks by erecting works of [...]

Tetrahedron Bottrop – Hot Spot in the Ruhr Area!2021-01-08T15:34:40+02:00

Test: Komoot – GPS touring app for your smartphone


Almost everyone already owns a smartphone. So if you are planning to buy an extra GPS device for your sporting activities such as road cycling or mountain biking, you should definitely think carefully about whether it would be better to use your smartphone for this and instead invest only a fraction of [...]

Test: Komoot – GPS touring app for your smartphone2021-01-08T15:35:12+02:00

Do It Yourself: Lupine-Adapter


Lupine? Thumbs Up! Let me say straight away that I do not work for Lupine and have no other relationship with the company. And yet, based on my own many years of experience, I find Lupine products extremely good and am therefore also prepared to pay the corresponding prices. The bottom line [...]

Do It Yourself: Lupine-Adapter2021-01-08T15:35:40+02:00

Test Anker Soundcore 2 – Bluetooth speaker upgrade for on the go


For weeks now, I have been using the small Bluetooth speaker Go 2 from JBL in my velomobile and am very satisfied with it. But as the saying goes: "The better is the enemy of the good" and that's why I'm still looking for other speakers for on the road and that's [...]

Test Anker Soundcore 2 – Bluetooth speaker upgrade for on the go2021-01-08T15:36:08+02:00

Test JBL Go 2 – Bluetooth speaker for on the go


Music is my constant companion! Whether for private or professional use, indoors or outdoors! I also need a loudspeaker for the navigation announcements on my tours in the velomobile. Headphones are out of the question, because you should not be distracted by road traffic! During my research for a "suitable" loudspeaker, I [...]

Test JBL Go 2 – Bluetooth speaker for on the go2021-01-08T15:36:51+02:00

My DF is there


Almost 4 months have passed since I ordered my DF from InterCityBike in Dronten ... then finally came the message from Ymte that I could pick up my velomobile. So I made an appointment, took a day off work and off I went. What concerned me most until then was the question [...]

My DF is there2021-01-08T15:37:30+02:00
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